Life. Music. God. Kisses. French. Lost. The Killers. Photography. Supernatural. Rock. Movies. Paris. All Time Low. Hug. Red. Dreams. Irony. Post-Hardcore. A Day To Remember. Blood. Brandon Flowers. Sylvester. Avenged Sevenfold. Friends. Alex Gaskarth. Cartoons. Purple. 30 Seconds To Mars. Anxiety. 80'. Escape The Fate. Sleep. Fanta Grape. Skulls. Lazy. Alcohol. Blink-182. Jensen Ackles.Tattoos. Night. Llamas. Plaid. Sex. Jared Leto. Cookies. Peanuts. Chris Evans. Bring Me The Horizon. Summer. Schweppes. Rancore. Jeans. Sneakers. Dalmatian. Arrow. House MD. Stephen Amell. Bon Jovi. Game of Thrones. Love. The Walking Dead. /Andressa, 19. Brazil.

"Like violence you have me forever and after. Like violence you kill me. Like violence you have me forever and after"